The Magic of Creation

Post written by Jeanette Smith, Creative Arts Instructor for Aperture Academy

What is it that motivates us to create, to share for the pure pleasure of expression? Where does this energy come from?

We seek ways to express our uniqueness, connect with people who share the same excitement, and acquire knowledge so we can communicate more thoroughly. Then, one day we find ourselves in just the right place, at just the right time, and we are happy.

As a teacher of creative arts, I am lucky to witness, on a regular basis, the eagerness, that "ah-ha" moment of clarity and the ensuing satisfaction that comes with learning something new. I wish students could see themselves at that moment. See themselves gazing back at me with such wonder; confident that the knowledge they take with them will become a vehicle for a deeper channel of creativity.

My first classroom experience at Aperture Academy, the Photoshop® for Photographers class, awakened this magic.

"I loved the class, it was just what I needed for a boost to help my picture-taking."  - Brenda Bresnahan

My advice to students learning Photoshop? Focus on doing one thing at a time.

Photoshop is a big animal, it does many things; not difficult things, but there are many, many things Photoshop can do. However, it's very methodical, and Photoshop will do exactly what you tell it to do. By defining one task at a time, and achieving just that, you will enjoy a powerful feeling of accomplishment.

In my class, our goal is to teach you to leverage the power of Photoshop as a modern day darkroom. Our on-site workshops blend perfectly with this digital classroom experience...at Aperture Academy, we provide a whole soup-to-nuts package for the digital photographer, no matter what experience or skill level.

When you join us in our workshops, you will shoot at beautiful locations, with the lighting at your back and a fantastic view in front of you...then come into my classroom and watch your images come to life!

Please visit our Website, sign up to come with us and join the fun!

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