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We are building a library of articles designed to provide a wealth of information to help any level of photographer improve his or her skills, techniques, or just think outside the box a bit. Our instructors are sharing their experience and knowledge, and it is available for everyone. We launched the page and have the first articles available. Following is a small portion of our newest article. Please let us know if you find these helpful, and if there are any subjects you'd like to read about!

What is Composition?

Composition is a tricky thing. There's no right and no wrong. Often a photographer's uniqueness, his or her style, is attributed largely to their approach and vision to composition. I'm going to share with you mine, and how I often teach it, and if you learn something from my approach you'll likely go on to develop your own eye for composition.

So what is it? To me, it's an ingredient, a balance and a flow. It is a means to tell the story, to pull the viewer into that single moment in time. It's a rock in the ocean that anchors the lower portion of the scene, tying the surf to the horizon and a warm, colorful sunset in the distance. It's the depth of field that isolates a subject from it's busy background. And sometimes, it's as simple as fresh perspective, the notion of conveying a common idea such as a road winding into the forest, but inches off the pavement where the freshly painted yellow stripe leads the eye out with great detail...you can almost feel the road, it's cold and rough.

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