Dream Trip: Photography Workshop in Alaska

What could be better for a photography enthusiast than a trip that combines the fun and satisfaction of a photography workshop in Alaska with the luxury and relaxation of a vacation? You might be thinking that these kinds of things don't exist...but thanks to the Aperture Academy, Canon, and Holland America they not only exist, but it's better than you could even imagine.

Picture yourself aboard a luxury cruise ship for a week of photography with the professionals from the Aperture Academy, where their instructors will fill your days with workshops aboard the boat and in the field.  You'll photograph wildlife, landscapes, icebergs and much more! Plus, instructors will be on-hand to answer anything and everything you want to know about becoming a better photographer.

When you're done taking the photos, you'll be able to process the images in an on-board classroom featuring Adobe certified instructors teaching Photoshop and Lightroom and how to use those programs to make the most of your new images.   Then to make things even sweeter, Canon is on board too, with their high quality large format printers, to take your images from the hard-drive and make them into something tangible.   Heck, you can even get your best photos matted and framed on the boat so you're ready to hang them when you get home!

That's just the photography portion of the trip!

Holland America is providing a luxurious cruise setting full of activities, shows and great food to help you pass the time between lens and lounging.  Imagine that! Spending the day out seeing the gorgeous wilderness of Alaska then being able to come back to your room, enjoy a delicious meal, and not have to drive anywhere.   If you're still up for more photography, the professionals from the Aperture Academy will have nightly presentations on various aspects and adventures related to professional photography that are sure to inspire as well as educate.

This is real!  Photography in a beautiful environment, education provided by experienced professionals, images taken all the way from camera to frame, and it's all aboard a luxurious cruise liner that is there to make sure you're having the time of your life when you're not out making the images of a lifetime.

[Get more information here! Don't miss out on your dream trip.]

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