How-To Guide: How to Print Your Photos

This is an excerpt from a new "How-to" article by our master photographer, Stephen Oachs.

As a professional photographer and instructor for the Aperture Academy, I've been asked a lot of "how-to" questions over the years. When I think about the top 10 questions I'm asked, how to print is certainly very common.

I've been printing my images for years and have, through a lot of trial and error, have found what works, and what doesn't. I'll outline in this article some of my favorite ways to produce images in print, in a variety of ways.

Print at Home

One of the most obvious ways to take images from your camera to print is to buy a printer at home. Over all my years as a photographer, I've owned a variety of printers that sat on my desk, but two brands really stuck out as top performers when it came to getting the right output based on what I saw on my computer monitor:

  • Canon Printers
  • Epson Printers
I found these two brands to produce high quality, consistent prints. The downside is the ink is epensive, but for a small number of prints and the ability to see your results instantly, this is a great way to go.

I also found that it is very important to use the same brand paper of your printer, i.e., use Epson paper in an Epson printer, and Canon paper in a Canon printer.