Follow-up Post RE: Prototype Canon Products Written About on This Blog

Post by Stephen Oachs

Over the past 24 hours I have received accusations that the photos I posted earlier today (Jan 23rd) of what appears to be prototype Canon 200-400mm, 600mm lenses and a mystery Canon camera body, are fake.

I assure everyone these images are real. They are not photoshopped, faked or manipulated in any way. Below is a link to the RAW file that I took with my Canon 1Ds Mark III using a Canon 100-400mm lens:


In addition, I do not work for Canon nor have any affiliation with Canon or its employees that would allow me to have privileged information regarding future Canon products.

I am the founder of the Aperture Academy. I have been in Kenya, Africa, for the month of January shooting wildlife with colleague and fellow Aperture Academy Instructor, Scott Davis.

While photographing a Cheetah on a Thompson Gazelle kill, we first spotted the Japanese Canon employee. He stood out because of the array of naked lenses (no skins/coats/protection) and the bright colored sticker labels on the tops. We immediately recognized the anticipated 200-400mm with built-in tele but at this time did not take any photos. Scott did his best to speak with the man who, via his driver helping to translate English to Japanese, confirmed he worked for Canon and that it was the upcoming 200-400mm Canon lens. At this time we had not yet seen the 600mm or the new Canon camera body.

Three days later, in another location of the Masaii Mara, where we were shooting wildlife, we again ran across the Japanese man. This time we noticed the 600mm Canon lens prototype and the new camera body, so we decided to take a few pictures, first just to zoom in to see what it might be. We quickly realized that this camera was something not yet released, thus we decided to share the images on this blog.

I hope this helps everyone understand that this is not an inside "leak" or media attempt on the part of Canon. We are just a couple of wildlife photographers who happened to stumble upon some pretty new and exciting gear in the works by Canon.

Stephen W. Oachs

Canon 200-400mm and 600mm prototype lenses first sightings...and the new 5D Mark III?

By Stephen Oachs

I'm currently on a shoot in Kenya, Africa, and I ran into a Japanese man sporting some gear I didn't recognize. While his English was very limited, I was able to confirm that he works for Canon and is doing in-field testing with the new Canon 200-400mm with built-in teleconverter. He also was testing the new Canon 600mm. 

 What I also noticed was a Canon camera body that I hadn't seen before. You can see it in the photos I took...I see the "Q" button located by the big wheel on the right, which on the 7D is currently located on the top left. The battery grip seems to have a joystick. I also noticed a "Rate" button...hrm, any ideas?

Is this the new 5D Mark III, or maybe the 7D Mark II? This info I was not able to determine.

I'll tell you this, that Canon 200-400mm is on my shopping list as soon as it's available. He told me he thought it would be officially released on March or April.